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Promoting Ladies Snooker

I have been trying to promote Snooker and other female players (as well as trying to promote myself) for the past few years now but only got round to setting up my website last year. This is why I created  this website to mainly focus on my Snooker career but also to encourage other women to become involved in the sport and to promote the sport in Northern Ireland.

I haven’t been successful in achieving this, I participated in a Snooker Charity event for Cancer Focus Northern Ireland in June, it was a great event and I enjoyed it. Although I lost my matches but it was going to a good cause. However, I was the only female there, I feel that more needs to be done to get more ladies interested in the sport over here! I personally would like to join a Snooker Team, I feel that no-one is helping me progress with my snooker, but they seem to be doing a lot for the males, joining teams/leagues ect. I do understand that you obviously have to be at a good standard before you can join a team but surely as there are no ladies that participate within the sport in Northern Ireland, I would think that someone would help me out and give me a chance. I am trying to promote our beautiful sport but as I have said on Social Media over the past few years; without the support there weather it’s by being involved in a Snooker Leauge or having a practise partner. It’s impossible to promote the sport if I not getting the right support to help me improve!

I know that the NIB&SA (Northern Ireland Billiards & Snooker Association) had a ladies team years ago but that sadly ended due to the lack of ladies playing the sport. It would be nice to see a ladies event here in Northern Ireland but I do enjoying playing against the males so the ladies event isn’t necessary. However, I would like to see more help and support from clubs all over Northern Ireland to support the ladies and junior players; as there are hardly any junior players coming through, if ladies like myself want to join a team we should be able to without any questions asked. I would like to join a team for the new 2017/2018 season, if anyone would like to contact me, please feel free to Contact Me or alternatively you can send me a message via Facebook.

Mark Allen & Joe Swail photo

Mark Allen & Joe Swail Exhibition

The Blackstaff Snooker Club held an Snooker Extravaganza exhibition on the 21st June with two of Northern Ireland’s Professional Snooker Players Mark Allen and Joe Swail. They were raising money to help the NIB&SA (Northern Ireland Billiards & Snooker Assocation) Junior players represent Northern Ireland in Leeds in the up and coming few weeks; they raised £3,000 in total which was brilliant for our beautiful sport! Snooker in Northern Ireland is definitely on the map again and it can only get better from here onwards. I wish the lads all the best, I hope they bring it home!!!

This was by far the best exhibition that I have ever been too, the craic was brilliant from start to finish, but the highlight of the night was the frame between Joe Swail and “The Kidd”. The frame was played in great sprits and had everyone glued to there seats…. I loved it! The Kidd won. Well done Our Kidd!!

Shortly after this, I got to play Mark Allen, he was firing at all pockets and wasn’t slowing down for anyone! It’s no surprise that he made another century against me 115 break; I knew what I was up against from my experience last year. I loved every minute of it, Mark’s an amazing player, it’s a great experience when you get the opportunity to play a professional. Thank you Mark for playing me, although I am determined to get him back one of these days! Losing 2-0 is tough to take but I take it in my stride! Things can only get better from here. Thank you to The Blackstaff Snooker Club for holding the exhibition and to everyone involved in making it such a success, it was a great night. Hopefully there will be more events like this in the future.

Mark Allen & Joe Swail photo
Mark Allen, myself and Joe Swail at the exhibition.



Celebrating 40 years at the Crucible

World Snooker – 40th Anniversary at The Crucible

This is a very special momement in Snooker history this week; as World Snooker celebrate 4 decades of hosting The World Snooker Championship at The Crucible. It is affectionately as known as the home of snooker and I would tend to agree. I have never been to The Crucible but from what I have seen on TV the atomsphere looks amazing; so compact and filled with amazing history.

On the eve of The Crucible (friday 14th April 2017) the Top 16 players, the qualifers and referees all too centre stage; as they perpared to walk down the green carpet. The ceremony was held in the arena, Barry Hearn announced some great news; “The Whirlwind” Jimmy White and our very own “The Darling of Dublin” Ken Dothery both received a 2 year wild card onto the tour. It will be great to see them back on the baize again!

Image Credit: World Snooker

Barry Hearn also signed a deal with the councillor of Sheffield to remain in the home snooker for the next 10 years. The Crucible has produced some of the sports greatest players throughout the 40 years, from Alex Higgins to Mark Selby. Hopefully we will see more great champions living the dream and lifting the beautiful trophy over the next 10 years. Always remember folks playing at The Crucible is a dream but if you are dedicated to this beautiful sport like it am. That dream can become a reality!! Happy 40th Anniversary to the World Snooker Championship, here’s to the next 40 years!! 😀. I wonder who is going to be crowned World Champion 2017?! Good luck Everyone.