My name is Stephanie Coyle however I prefer to be called Steff. I am a partially sighted snooker player from Northern Ireland. My nickname is “Thundershots” my dad gave me this name as I hit the ball hard. I first started off playing pool when I was 8 although my interest in snooker quickly grew when I watched Ronnie O’Sullivan make his fastest maximum break (5 minutes, 20 seconds) against Mick Price in 1997. I got my first 4′ x 6′ snooker table for Christmas in 1999 when I was 11.

I became a member of the NIB&SA (Northern Ireland Billiards & Snooker Association). I lost my first match on 31st August 2014 against Joe Meara (3-0), I continued to lose a further two matches that. I decided to take a year out as I felt that I wasn’t getting the regular match practice that is required to play in the tournaments and it was lowering my confidence. However, I am hoping that I can join a Snooker Team this season to regain my confidence back.

steff_snookerlegendsI am very passionate about snooker and I try to attend as many snooker events as I can. I am also a keen supporter of The Snooker Legends since in June 2014. I bought 2 ballot stripes and my number 588 was called out. I partnered John Parrott and another gentleman from the audience partnered Ken Doherty. Ken made a century break against myself and John, but I really enjoyed the experience. It was absolutely amazing!!


I have also played against Northern Ireland’s Mark “The Pistol” Allen, that was another great experience. The Pistol was firing at all pockets that night, he gave me a few chances and I managed to pull off some great pots, but unfortunately Mark went on to clear up. Hopefully I will be able to beat Mark one of these days.

In the near future I would like to play against the ladies and the Snooker Professionals. I would like to see more ladies joining and participating in the NIB&SA tournaments. I know that Snooker is a male-dominated sport and a difficult sport to play at times but ladies don’t give up, the ladies will be giving the gentlemen a good game in a few years to come.