The Blade Cue Pocket Trainer Review

The Blade Cue Pocket Trainer is a fantastic little tool, The Blade Cue Pocket Trainer is designed by Gary Filtness and produced by Martin Dalely the owner of Tyrone Cues. Martin is a brilliant cue maker, a few of the Professional Snooker player’s have got their cue made by Martin.

Practising with The Blade Cue Pocket Trainer.

I was playing a match against some friends recently and I managed to equal my highest break of 22 which absolutely fantastic! (I achieved my first break of 22, 6 years ago). Before I started using The Blade Pocket Trainer I was struggling to make a break of 20+ I was lucky if I managed a break of 16.

The Blade Cue Pocket Trainer – close up.

Most people will know that I have a visual impairment, but this doesn’t stop me from play this wonderful sport. I have found that The Blade Cue Pocket Trainer has been very beneficial with my visual impairment. I am looking forward to continuing to work with it and it will be interesting my breaks getting higher and higher. I would highly recommend The Blade Cue for any level of player. The Professional’s should try it out to make sure they are hitting the ball correctly with every shot! Joe Swail, Mark Allen could I temped you both into trying it?! Reduces the risk of unintentional side on the cue ball.

To find out more information about The Blade Cue Pocket Trainer they can purchase them from The Blade Cue Pocket Trainer. I like to take this opportunity to thank The Blade Cue Team for making this amazing product and for sending myself one.

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